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The difference between Family and School/Group registration



The GWSM Band Camp registration is focused on the students heading to band camp. However, because of the logistics of paperwork, sponsorship, finances, etc., it requires a great deal of planning to build an effective yet intuitive registration site.

Two Types of Registration

There are two types of registration for the GWSM Band Camp--Independent Families and School or Family Groups.  The main difference between the two is that the former is only one family registering their own children while the latter is designed for either a campus-based school or a group of families that are not associated with the same school.

Type 1: Independent Family Registration

A family with no school affiliation but still attending the band camp can register as their own entity on the band camp registration site. This gives the family the freedom to handle their own registration independently.  Once the family account is created, that account as well as the individuals registered in the system are carried over from year to year. The adult registering at the time of the account creation becomes the family coordinator of the account on the registration site.  The original family coordinator may add more adults to the account with or without family coordinator privileges. As the new camp year comes around, previously registered returning students can be added to the current camp registration and non-returning students are archived.  New students can also be created at any time.

Type 2: School or Family Group Registration

A school or family group is defined as a group of students from the same campus-based school or homeschool group.  The main advantage of the school/family group registration is to benefit from the group discounts and to have a single coordinator managing the registration process.  The school/family group account creation is a one-time process, and the account as well as the individuals registered in the system will be carried over from  year to year.  The adult coordinator registering at the time of the account creation will automatically be designated as the school coordinator, but more school coordinators can be added by either the original coordinator or the camp registration administrator.

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