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School Registration



Every student convention event requires a fresh registration for each school, even if the school has attended the same student convention venue in the past.  Therefore, each school coordinator must register their school and all adult and student participants attending the convention.  The steps provided in this article and articles following will guide the school coordinator through the convention registration process.  Access to previous student convention registrations by the school coordinator is disabled.  Any questions about student convention registration should be directed to the convention coordinator.

School Registration Link

Each student convention venue uses a dedicated link for the registration site.  The URL link should be provided by the convention coordinator through an email, flyer, convention venue website, etc.  If no link has been provided, please contact the convention coordinator.  After completing the initial school registration, the school coordinator may return to the regular convention registration site login,

New School Registration Page

Upon clicking on the registration link provided by the convention coordinator, the school registration form will display.  IMPORTANT: To ensure the school is registering for the correct student convention, note the name of the convention at the top, red title bar.  If the title bar does not display the correct junior convention name, please verify the link with the convention coordinator.

Convention Title Bar

After verifying the correct convention registration page is displayed, complete the required fields for the school and primary school coordinator.  If there is more than one school coordinator, enter the information for the primary school coordinator.  Other school coordinators may be added later by the primary school coordinator.

A school coordinator is defined in the student convention registration program as the primary person responsible for the registration of adult and student participants, event registration, and financial views.

School Registration Form

School Information

School Name - This is the name that will be used on all reports and financial statements.  Please use standard capitalization text.  For example, Bible Academy.

School Type - Distinguishes between campus-based school or home school group or organization.  Some student convention venues assign different convention fees for each type of school group.

School Address - School mailing and shipping address information is entered for convention use.  If the school's shipping information is the same as the physical mailing information, then check the box labeled "Shipping Address Same as Mailing Address" to remove the shipping address fields.

Convention School Reg


School Coordinator Information

Name - The proper title, first name, and last name of the primary school coordinator is entered.  This should be the person that is primarily responsible for the school's registration process.  The primary coordinator does not have to be in attendance as far as the registration program is concerned.  However, if not attending, then the convention coordinator or sponsor may need to post a credit to the school's account.

Gender - Enter the gender for the school coordinator.  This is especially important for sponsorship of students.

Sponsor/Judge - Check the box labeled Sponsor if the school coordinator will be attending the convention and will likely be sponsoring students.  Check the box labeled Judge if the school coordinator will be available to judge convention events.  These role designations are especially important since some of the fee schedules are dependent upon them.

Email/Password - The convention registration program is only accessed by an email and password login.  A valid email is important as it also can be used by school coordinators to reset a forgotten password.  Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.  Passwords may also be reset by the convention coordinator. Convention Coordinator Note:  If you are registering your own school for your convention and are assigning yourself as the school coordinator, you must use a different email than your administrator login.  The email used as the school coordinator login may be used year after year.

Contact Phone Numbers - The school coordinator must provide at least one valid contact phone number (not including fax).  It is especially important that at least one attending adult provides a cell phone number as there are many times convention coordinators and registrars will need to contact the school staff while at the convention event.

Convention School Coord


School Registration Form Submission

Upon entering the correct information in all the required fields, click the Register button at the bottom of the page to validate the required fields.  Any errors after submission will be indicated by a red outline around the form field.  Identify the fields in error, correct, and resubmit by clicking the Register button again.  The school will not be registered until there is a successful submission of the school registration form.

School Registration Home

After the school registration form has been successfully submitted, the School Registration Home page will be displayed.  This is the same school home page that will display each time the school coordinator logs into the registration site.  The school home page contains several bits of valuable information for the school coordinator.

Convention Announcements - If used by the convention coordinator, the area at the top of the school home page will contain important updates and news from the convention coordinator.  Please check back often for new messages.

School Registration Form (print) - Most conventions require early submission of a paper school registration form.  It conveniently prepopulates all the school and convention information.  The school coordinator clicks on the download link, prints the form, and fills in the required information.  The paper form may then be submitted to the convention coordinator or registrar according to predetermined instructions.

School Checklist - If used by the convention coordinator, the School Checklist contains a list of the different registration forms for the students and adults.  The status of each item in the checklist will be indicated by either "Not Received" (red text) or "Received" (green text) as maintained by the convention registrar.  Be sure to note this checklist and contact the registrar if any discrepancies occur.

Convention Contact Information - The contact information for the convention coordinator and/or registrar conveniently displays on the school home page. 

School Home

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